Friday, April 9, 2010

College Bubble

College for me so far has been really boring. I do not feel like I am living the “college life”. I still live at home and commute every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday making me really tired by the end of the week. Since I live so far away from college life, I do not participate in any clubs at school, protests or much of anything. This is my first year at SFSU so all the classes I am taking are General Educations classes. Last semester was far more interesting because I took courses that I was personally more interested in such as Psychology and Human Biology. This semester the classes I am taking are mostly just fulfilling the requirements like English 114 and Comm 150. As for the workload I feel much more stressed out this semester because all my classes are based on reading a lot of text that are long and boring. I skip some of the reading sometimes to be honest because I feel it is a waste of time. For example, in my philosophy class all the reading we have the instructor goes over it the next class. When I read the texts for my philosophy class I am lost so by hearing what the instructor has to say about it I learn and save some time. In Notre Dame in the chapter Growing up in a College Bubble, a student speaks about this same thing. I think most students do this, so it is a similarity between Notre Dame students and SF State students. It is human nature to go with easy rather than hard. If we can do less work and still achieve our desired goals, we feel “smart” even. This same chapter talks a lot about how the students in Notre Dame are idle at times. They seem to be doing absolutely nothing just hanging out with friends in their dorms. Lately I have caught myself doing the same. I have all the time and sometimes I push things to the very last minute. For example this blog, I started around 8 pm and I pushed it until now. What did I do today? I decided to go to the gym and hang out with my friend instead. Although I am doing before the deadline I had since yesterday to finish this blog.

I am also first generation born in the United States and I am the first person in my nuclear family to go to college. This adds a lot more pressure for me in college. Getting bad grades or not graduating is not even an option for me. I feel that my family has all their hopes on me, causing a lot of stress on me. Because of the fear that I might fail college I try to study more for tests and stay away from parties. I did not really relate to the students from Notre Dame because simply I have not been to any parties since I been at SF State. The issue of partying and drinking though is probably very possible to occur in SF State though. Most college students like to party, and have fun interfering with their studies. I personally have a lot in stake though, so I do not engage in any of those activities.

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  1. I've had semesters like that; it's hard when all of your classes are all about reading, since it takes so much mental energy. I feel like I get more out of those types of classes, but sometimes it gets to the point where a multiple-choice finally actually sounds really appealing!