Sunday, May 2, 2010


The most interesting part of this whole project was the interview. I interviewed my friend and I found out stuff I didn't even know about him in this interview. He shared how he would plagarize in highschool because he didn't think it was a big deal but that in college he didn't because he was more scare of the consequences. This made me think of my personal take on plagarism. I agree with him because in high school I feel the academic of I all was very lenient. We could probably get in trouble but not kicked out of the school. I began to think that what if students felt that college though was similar to high school therefore plagarism for them is not a big deal. This interview opened up more questions for me personally and if I had to do a more I depth research I would look at the types of students they were in high school and how it compares to their college culture.

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  1. Interesting; I wonder how strict most high schools are, compared to colleges?